One week prior to the wedding.

As seen on Lookslikefilm & Those Lovely Days

there's a dark side to love, but just like the one that lives upon the moon, there's a beauty in the great unknown. A.J. Lawless


The blue sky and burning morning sun was obscured by clouds when I met up with the boys before the ceremony. And afterwards the heavens opened and the city was hit by pouring rain and the clap of thunder. If its true that rain on your wedding day brings good luck then Thomas & Borja should have plenty. 

The two met each in Barcelona approximately 10 years ago when Thomas was living and studying in Spain. And a couple of years ago they decided to move to Stockholm. The wedding was held in the centre of Stockholm and Borja's family and close friends flew over for the celebration. This made for an interesting dynamic between Swedish and Spanish guests as there was a language barrier to break through. However, this was overcome later in the night when everyone decided to hit the dance floor. 

In no particular order…