Creative Modern Wedding Photography on film

nacka pre-wedding photography

I am wedding photographer who won't boss you around and make you smile and say "cheese"! For me great wedding photography is not about me or you, but rather it's about us. It is only when we work together and have fun that we can create something epic! 

I shoot weddings on film. Yes on film! That old nostalgic thing that slips into the back of your camera and has to be sent away to be developed. Its not about putting on my hipster hat and creating photos that make you "feel" (well maybe it is a little bit). But ultimately for me its about the photographic process and creating better images for you, the client. 

Its about connecting with my clients and being present in the moment. 

Its about making something physical in the digital-age. Film is tangible! 

Its about creativity! Shooting film enables me to be experimentative. 

Its about the beautiful organic tones, colours and grain that film provides. 

double exposure gröndal wedding couple
Sundbyberg engagement shoot

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