Kind words from my couples
Fina ord från paren jag fotograferad
"As a photographer myself I held the photography of our elopement as one of the highest priorities. So it could sound kind of crazy as two American's going to get married in Greece to pick a random Australian living in Sweden to photograph this once in a lifetime experience. You can call it a gut feeling but I knew based on Liam's portfolio that he could create moments of simple beauty that also pushed what may seem comfortable. I asked Liam to capture images that I would want to hang in my home as a piece of art, and he did just that.

Also my husband thought it was going to be a very awkward experience but Liam made it anything but. He's sense of humor had us laughing and his confidence made us trust him to take some chances.

We spent days with Liam in Santorini and I can't imagine sharing such an adventurous experience with any other third wheel. jk (kinda)"
Mogan & Jim
We absolutely loved working with Liam! We chose him as a photographer because of his style, creativity and artistic sense that really appealed to us. From start to finish he made us and our guests feel comfortable. Liam guided us through the process and made it a wonderful experience. The end result is absolutely perfect and he really captured us as a couple and we love the work he did!
Lisa & Eddie
Easy going. Driving. Professional. Breathtaking. F..king genius. All friends and colleagues admire the moments. We feel heartily satisfied. Best Greetings from Germany
Svetlana Gultsova
Liam is such a talented artists. He sees beyond the ordinary and senses authentic emotions. Combined with an extraordinary way of composing images, you will receive the most unique photos to remind you of your wedding day.
Anna Mortiz
We had an awesome time working with Liam for our elopement photos in Copenhagen. He was very flexible with our schedule and had lots of great ideas for unique and stunning photos as we explored the city. He took the time to understand a little more about our personalities and personal aesthetic, to ensure we were happy with the outcome. We continue to get compliment after compliment about our photos and we would absolutely recommend him to anyone!
Bradley & Joe
We had the pleasure of Liam shooting our wedding reception in London and the results were amazing. We were so pleased with Liam's work, he truly has a fantastic eye for capturing creative and beautiful images. We would recommend Liam to anyone wishing to capture those special moments in a unique and beautiful way.
Andrew & Louise
We had the pleasure of Liam shooting our wedding reception in London and the results were amazing. We were so pleased with Liam's work, he truly has a fantastic eye for capturing creative and beautiful images. We would recommend Liam to anyone wishing to capture those special moments in a unique and beautiful way.
Marcus Ramstrand
Liam är en talangfull och artistisk fotograf som också kan konsten att få två stelbenta människor och en något obstinat hund att känna sig avslappnade framför kameran. Frikostig med tid och driven av sin passion för fotografi blev både själva fotograferingen och resultatet en fantastisk upplevelse. Vi visste redan innan att vi skulle bli nöjda med resultatet, men att det skulle vara roligt under vägen hade vi inte räknat med.

Stort tack Liam för fantastiska bilder och för ett härligt häng under några kvällar!
Malin Bredin
Liam har en spännande blick som gav våra bröllopsbilder något alldeles alldeles extra. Vi ville ha mycket bilder på oss och på miljön där vi gifte oss för att minnas dagen, vår kärlek till varandra som lett oss hit. Liam var väldigt lätt att jobba med och hittade balansen mellan att fånga oss och att se oss genom nya ögon. Vi är väldigt glada att vi valde honom för det här uppdraget.
Camilla Ryd
Liam är en väldigt talangfull fotograf. Han jobbar snabbt och har ett öga för tidlösa bilder med mycket känsla. Samarbetet med Liam kändes väldigt enkelt och tryggt. Rekommenderar start att anställa Liam om ni är ute efter att bevara minnen i vackra, stilfulla och tidlösa bilder.
Natalie Norrlander
We chose Liam, as we wanted a photographer that had an eye for more than the "normal" wedding photo. We loved his creativity and his ability to create juxtapositions that just work well.

Liam was so supportive throughout the entire process and made us feel extremely comfortable. We were worried about feeling nervous in front of the camera, but Liam made everything feel so natural and easy. He was also great with our guests.

And the photos just turned out beautifully! They are exactly what we hoped for and they let us relive the day every time we look at them. They are candid, intimate, full of emotion and unique - just perfect.
Anders & Eliane
Professionell och lätt att arbeta med! Man får dessutom en speciell känsla på alla sina bilder då liam fotar mycket analogt. Det blir mer personligt. Mer tidlöst. Rekommenderar varmt!
Ellinor Koda
Liam is a fantastic photographer. He is direct and honest, making him a great guide throughout the session and ultimately leading to great results. I also appreciated the fact that he worked a little overtime just to insure absolute quality. Great care was taken into the editing as well, yet he was still quite punctual in his delivery. He is able to create something ethereal out of something that may otherwise seem ordinary, a cool talent. Not only that but he's easygoing and great company!
Erin Cummings
We hired Liam to take engagement photos and to photograph our engagement party in London. The engagement photos are beautiful and natural. They really capture the city and all its landmarks, old and new. He did a great job scouting unique locations ahead of time.
Jane Ayers
One word, Excellent!
We thank you for making that moment eternal!
Liam is clearly an expert behind the camera, his images are so beautiful and sophisticated. The artistic and unique subtleties of his photographs capture the meaning and emotion of a moment in such a powerful way!
Madeline Day
An amazing photographer, worth shooting one of your your most eventful days of your life!
Armin Semonvic
Liam är otroligt talangfull och är väldigt trevlig att arbeta med. Jag upplever att det inte finns någon risk att känna sig obekväm eller otillräcklig när Liam står bakom kameran, utan fotograferandet blir naturligt och roligt, och resultatet blir man inget annat än nöjd med!
Elsa Sundberg