So you're likely looking for a wedding or elopement photographer in Montenegro and you ended up here. I have made this page especially for people like you, so thanks for passing by!

For me it's all about epic cinematic photography and telling honest wedding stories! I love traveling and shooting destination weddings and elopements in ontenegro big or small, regardless if its an intimate wedding, an elopement or a wedding with 200 guests. I'll be with you from the very start to the very finish, from capturing the nervous laughter in the morning to cutting shapes on the dance floor and doing shots at the bar. I'm based out of Stockholm but I have photographed weddings and elopements all over Europe and the world so just get in touch. No distance is too far!







I'm a creative, easy going, destination wedding elopement photographer based in Stockholm. I'm passionate about shooting weddings and I love connecting with people from all walks of life. I have been working professionally for the past three years after I gave up a well paying job in finance when I moved to Sweden from Australia for love. Moving countries was a fresh start for me so I decided it was perfect timing to follow my dream of becoming a professional wedding photographer. Three years later I am going strong and have shot weddings all over Sweden, Denmark, Norway, America, Italy, England and Australia. When I'm not shooting weddings, I will most likely be experimenting in the darkroom, testing old analog cameras or drinking excessive amounts of coffee on the couch binge watching tv series with my girlfriend and cat.



Shooting weddings IN MONTENEGRO on film

I shoot weddings on film. Yes on film! That old nostalgic thing that slips into the back of your camera and has to be sent away to be developed. Its not about putting on my hipster hat and creating photos that make you "feel" (well maybe it is a little bit). But ultimately for me its about the photographic process and creating better images for you, the client. 

Its about connecting with my wedding clients and being present in the moment. 

Its about making something physical in the digital-age. Film is tangible! 

Its about creativity! Shooting weddings on film enables me to be experimentative. 

Its about the beautiful organic tones, colours and grain that film provides. 



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Shooting Weddings & Elopements in MONTENEGRO And all over the World

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