Hey, my name is Liam and I am wedding photographer in Stockholm

stockholm wedding photographer

I love shooting film, drinking coffee, listening to 90s indie rock music and sleeping in with my girlfriend and cat. 

 I have been working professionally for the past three years after I gave up a well paying job in finance when I moved to Stockholm from Australia for love. Moving countries was a fresh start for me so I decided it was perfect timing to follow my dream of becoming a professional photographer. Three years later I am going strong and have shot weddings all over Sweden, Denmark, Norway, America, Italy, England and Australia. 

My work has also been featured all over the internet, in print and I have exhibited my personal work in Australia, Sweden, Argentina, Spain and Germany. 

Photography is my passion and I put 110% into every wedding to ensure that my work is of the highest quality and that all the precious memories are captured to be share and loved by future generations. My goal is to create a stress-free experience for my clients where they feel comfortable, relaxed and have fun. Every couple deserves a photographer that is passionate and that they can trust will go the extra mile. This is me!

If it sounds like we might have the same ideas about your wedding photography, then get in touch!

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