Joe and Brad had a whirlwind trip around Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) for 10 days. After nearly three years of being engaged they decided that this trip was a perfect opportunity to celebrate their love for each other and finally get married! The trip was planned a little last minute and the Town Hall in Copenhagen were fully booked, so the couple decided simply to just have a fun day together. Joe and Brad toured around Copenhagen during the 13(!) hours while I photographed them. Once back home in Chicago they signed the wedding certificate.

I think it's a wonderful idea to spend a whole day together to celebrate love. A big wedding is not for everyone.

Actually, this story started 4 days earlier in Stockholm, Sweden. We met up prior to the wedding simply just to have coffee and get to know each other. Afterwards we decided to take some snaps with my 60 year old Leica and some grainy black & white film.

Make sure to keep scrolling to see the photos from Copenhagen. 

This wedding was featured on ThoseLovelyDays

Oh, but what if we had the stars from the darkest night and the diamonds from the deepest ocean, I'd forsake them all for your sweetest kiss. Bob Dylan
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