Copenhagen Elopement Photographer

Creative Elopement in Copenhagen

Copenhagen City Hall Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Elopement. Wedding. Superkilen. Paper Island. Inderhavnsbroen. Palads Theatre. Hotel Nobis. Copenhagen. Analog. Creative. Experimental. These are just a few words which sums up Kate & Ben's elopement adventure in Copenhagen, which took place thousand of miles from their home in London.

I met up with these two in the morning at Hotel Nobis, from there we quickly made our way to Copenhagen's City Hall for their wedding ceremony, which was over in the blink of an eye...we then fought the crowds of people to take some quick portraits, making use of the symmetry and rare window light. From there we made the following photo pit stops at Palads Theatre and Superkilen park (also took a coffee break), before heading to Paper Island to finish with some gin and tonics! Not a bad elopement day if you ask me ;)

I am really appreciative that Kate and Ben had me along for their wedding in Copenhagen and I wish them all the best in the future.

Enjoy! (All images are shot on 35mm film, because digital is just not the same)

 Copenhagen Wedding
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