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Intimate Copenhagen Elopement Session at Night

Copenhagen Wedding Elopement Photographer

When this German couple approached me late last year about flying down to Copenhagen to take some elopement photos I was immediately excited by the prospect. Especially considering there first email; " Yes we're there to get married quick and dirty but that's not necessarily when we'd like to get photographed... Hanging out with you and your camera(s), digital or analog, we're game for everything".

I also love shooting in Copenhagen and I have been shooting more and more elopements there in the past year, rather than the bigger more traditional weddings in Stockholm. To make things more exciting with this elopement, we decided to shoot after sunset and all on 35mm film (definitely a challenge shooting film at night). We really clicked immediately and it was more like friends hanging out, taking some photos and have some drinks afterwards. Here is a little selection of photos from the day. 

Photo locations: Superkilen Park, Nørrebro &Copenhagen Opera House

 Copenhagen Elopement Photographer
 Copenhagen Elopement Photographer
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