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Creative Wedding Photographer Södermalm

I love shooting film! Whether it is shooting when hanging out with my friends or shooting a wedding with 300 guests. There is nothing like film. The textures, grain, and effects that can be created are simply beautiful! I also shoot with digital cameras but it doesn't excite me to the same extent and can often lead to complacency. For me, when I am shooting film I am present in the moment because every click counts and I know that I am a better wedding photographer because of this! 

These two images were taken with my Canon ae1 film camera with Adox color explosion film on the island of Södermalm, in Stockholm. Dome & Ying celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary not long ago and they got n touch with me about creating something awesome together (they already did the whole traditional wedding photo thing 10 years back). 

In both photos, I have experimented with light leaks and soaking the film in different chemical to create more texturers. 

I am a wedding photographer based in Stockholm, shooting adventurous couples like Dome and Ying on film. I am a wedding photographer for the non-traditional. 

Bröllopsfotograf Stockholm // Kreativ Bröllopsfotografi för Den Icke-Traditionella

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