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Hey there! My name is Liam Warton and I am one more Australian living in Sweden...

I have dedicated the last four years to wedding photography and I am still just as inspired today as when I started. The reason being is that each session offers the opportunity to connect with new people, for creative collaboration and to create lasting memories.

So the question is, why would you choose me over someone else? There are tones of other wedding photographers out there who have professional cameras, equipment and similar marketing techniques...The choice comes down to whether you just want someone to turn up on your wedding day, take the typical photos, offering the cheapest price or if you want to feel strongly connected to the photographer's aesthetic and style. My dream couples don't just see photography as another thing on the checklist rather something that will become more valuable over time.

I would describe my photographic style as creative, experimental, analogue with an abundance of colour. My goal is to capture the bigger picture through documenting all the smaller details and moments that together tell your story.

"Liam takes his arty/analog photo style into his wedding photography and pushes the limits for how to shoot weddings. This is something new and fresh in a genre that have been developing a lot the last ten years. Just not this far. I admire him for the courage to do this. It´s brave and bold and that´s just what makes an amazing photographer."

- Emma Svensson, Elle Sverige
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